• Jill Jarrell Newsome

"They're Doing The Best They Can"

A friend was telling me how her mother used to say, "they're doing the best they can," always seeing the best in people. When someone makes us mad, and we know they know better, it is hard not to judge when we are hurt or mistreated.

People are going to hurt us, mistreat us and make us mad because no one is perfect. It is easy for us to judge and say, they are not doing the best that they can but we do not know their circumstances. When we behave in a certain habit for a long time it becomes habit and our hearts are hardened. So, maybe this is the best some people can do. It's not for us to judge. Ouch! We are to pray for them. Praying for them helps us to see them through God's eyes and this replaces our anger with sorrow. We should want better for them.

We do the best we can and we are not perfect, either, so we have to keep going to God to guide us. God expects us to do our best while looking to Him. He knows our limitations, our season of life, our experiences, our wisdom and everything else so He knows what we can handle. He also knows the other person. He will give us just what we need, when we need it. Matthew 6: 8, "...for your Father knows what you need before you ask him."

I have decided that when I am offended by someone, I am going to start saying, they are doing the best they can. I will ask God to help me handle it and He will give me just what I need so I can extend some grace. There's nothing we'll need today that God can't supply - exceedingly, abundantly beyond all that we could ask or think.


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