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  • Jill Jarrell Newsome


Someone shared this on social media. "There was a moment when Moses had the nerve to ask God what his name is. God was gracious enough to answer, and the name he gave is recorded in the original Hebrew as YHWH....scholars and rabbis have noted that the letters YHWH represent breathing sounds. When pronounced without intervening vowels, it actually sounds like breathing. YH (inhale): WH (exhale).

So a baby’s first cry, his first breath, speaks the name of God. A deep sigh calls His name – or a groan or gasp that is too heavy for mere words....Being alive means I speak His name constantly. Is it heard the loudest when I’m the quietest? In sadness, we breathe heavy sighs. In joy, our lungs feel almost like they will burst. In fear we hold our breath and have to be told to breathe slowly to help us calm down. When we’re about to do something hard, we take a deep breath to find our courage.

When I think about it, breathing is giving him praise. Even in the hardest moments! This is so beautiful and fills me with emotion every time I grasp the thought. God chose to give himself a name that we can’t help but speak every moment we’re alive. All of us, always, everywhere. Waking, sleeping, breathing, with the name of God on our lips."

I love this and thought about how the Bible describes all creatures as having “the breath of life.” God’s breath is placed within all living things. Genesis 1: 2, "Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit (breath) of God was hovering over the waters." God breathed creation into existence. God's breath brings new life. Ezekiel 37: 8, "I looked, and tendons and flesh appeared on them and skin covered them, but there was no breath in them." The bones did not begin to rattle until the breath of God flowed within. God created us by His breath, and sustains us by His constant breathing, The act of breathing reminds us that we are sustained by God. When we are feeling down, our very breath is a witness to God's presence and provision.

The very breath of God is in you.


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