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Why, God, Why

Mom, my cousin, Donna, and I got to Sanibel Island on Saturday. Before we left our home airport we had had lots of laughs and a new nickname for Mom. The people around us were giggling. Sunday we went out to brunch and then hit the beach, staying in the water for three hours straight! Mom loves the gulf because she can walk in without the ocean jarring her. When we came two years ago she said, "this is the first time in six years I have been up to my neck in the salt water!" And as my dad would say, that is the best water to cool you off! Within 15 minutes I reached down and picked up sand dollars and then a giant starfish! We were all so excited, screaming and laughing. Mom was on the raft guarding them in a little pool of water. We had a photo op and then took them back out to where we found them. We kept saying how God had shown off in the ocean that day!

Sadly, when we got back to the condo, Mom fell and broke her wrist "into pieces". She felt she had ruined her vacation. When the hospital said she would have a temporary cast and would need surgery we knew the ocean was not an option. Mom had been waiting for this vacation for so long! Lots of tears were shed and my heart was broken. Why God? My momma is one of your best servants and looked forward to this week for months? She just wanted to get in the salt water! Now, she can't do that! It was a rough night with a lot of pain. Why, God?

Didn't I just write about dealing with disappointments? It took me over 24 hours to be able to write about this. I just don't understand and I know I may never understand. Scripture came to mind. Joy always comes in the morning. Psalm 30: 5, "For his anger lasts only a moment, but his favor lasts a lifetime; weeping may stay for the night, but rejoicing comes in the morning." I asked God to help us feel His joy the next morning.

I kept telling mom I was so sorry this happened. It just broke my heart! But then I told her, "we are strong Christian women and God will help us get through this with grace and giggles." It was time to start looking up and looking for the blessings. This sounds a lot easier than it is because I cried when I got in the ocean without her! I reminded her that while we waited for the ambulance we thanked God that it was not a hip, leg or a brain bleed! We decided God showed off with the sea life because that was going to be her only day in the ocean. Once I turned to God, He began showing us a lot of blessings.

Mom decided with the doctors approval here and at home that she wanted to stay. So Monday we spent the day under the palm trees laying in the most wonderful breeze. She was able to walk to the edge of the water and us wet her back and arm. God sent amazing wildlife to entertain us from our chairs! We were very up close and personal with bunnies, turtles, herons, a four foot iguana, ibis, a falcon flying over with a fish almost bigger than him! And snakes! Psalm 19: 1, "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." God was still showing off for us. I cannot believe I am saying that but even through the snakes! They were a distraction!

We were taking in the glory of God’s creation and it has been a spiritual experience. There is something very special about looking at nature and calling it creation. "Creation" reminds me of Who the Creator is. Revelation 4: 11, "You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” When I am enjoying God's creation it is like a sermon being preached about how awesome He is. We are all invited to proclaim His glory and majesty. While creation is not divine, it reflects God's power and might!

I texted our surgeon at home and he texted right back and called that afternoon. He has the ball rolling at home and she will have surgery next Wednesday. Thank you for your prayers for full and fast healing! As Mom says, she has too much to do! While Mom may not be neck deep in the ocean, she will be taking in the glory of God's creation!

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Jun 24, 2021

Oh, Jill. I am so sorry to hear this about your mother. As you said, thankfully it was not something more serious, but I feel so bad for her and for you, as I know you feel her pain. Prayers for you and Honey.

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