• Jill Jarrell Newsome

Who You Gonna Call?

When I was in college and something happened to my car (or my checkbook) I called my Dad crying. I only called him for stuff like that so I am sure he dreaded those calls. He did not have the luxury of caller id back then. He just got to be surprised. I remember him telling me years later he would think, "she is four hours away. What can I do about the situation?" Often times I just needed to tell someone so they could suffer with me. When something happens, good or bad, do you have that "go to" person you call? Your spouse, your mother, your best friend, your sibling, etc? I do! But I would be better off to first praise God for the great news and then go share it. I would be better off to take my troubles to Him first. The times I have done that then I "present" it in a whole different way when I tell it to my "go to's"! I am more positive because I am trusting God to handle the situation. I know many of us have needed some "guidance" and we have picked up the Bible and just opened it and we are taken right to what we need to read. I believe this is God speaking to us.

Psalm 62: 1, "Truly my soul finds rest in God; my salvation comes from him." God speaks personally to us. We do not have to ask someone what we should read. We can ask God to show us and He will. Psalm 119: 50, "My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise reserves my life." It is wonderful to have someone to talk to but really, what does our friend know? If we are suffering from physical pain, emotional pain, etc we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us. He can guide us through whatever the circumstance is.

King David of Israel wrote Psalms. He had discovered God's Word is a lamp to his feet and a guiding light to direct his path. He delights that God's Word is forever! He knows God's Word gives wisdom and understanding in times of trouble. To him, God's Word has become a solace, in times of difficulty. God's Word refreshes and revives him when he is weary and burdened. He is saying, this is his comfort in his affliction.

We are to be filled with the Spirit of God and grow in grace. We are to meditate on His Word, day and night. We are to teach others and comfort one another, in all wisdom. The more we read, learn and meditate upon God's Word, the more real His love towards us becomes. His presence will seem closer to us. The more He is revealed to us through His written Word.

Let us remember to call God first! Let Him comfort you with His Word. Then when you go tell your "go to's" you will have a better perspective. Who you gonna call?

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