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Walking With God

Recently I had some friends from church go on the Walk to Emmaus, a nondenominational, 72 hour spiritual retreat. One of the men shared his experience with me. I did not want to go because it was totally out of my comfort zone. It is hard for me to be put into a group of strangers and put myself “out there” or to give up control. After revival and Emmaus, God has grown my faith and I trust Him.

This was the best “walk”, retreat, conference, etc. that I have ever been on. It opened my eyes, heart and mind and strengthened them. I was able to leave burdens there. Remember I didn’t want to be with 28 strangers and I wasn’t for long. Over the 72 hours I walked out with 28 new brothers! A closer friend in Jesus is even better than a close friend!

I realized that by the grace of God, I am still here and He must have something for me and is waiting for the right moment to show me what it is. I got two eyes full of seeing Jesus' love through the weekend. It was revitalizing and a recharge of my faith. I was raised in church and I was a Christian but God took that mustard seed and grew it into something huge. I was never one to talk about my faith but now I am. I tell everyone that will listen, about it. Even if you go to church and do Bible studies, I tell them that will all be strengthened. I now spend time praying for family and friends. My ears were opened to hear God and trust His voice. When I think of this world, I now say, “God, I trust You and I know You hold me in Your hands.”

I will cherish, remember and be thankful for that weekend. Jesus was the common thread among those of us on that weekend. I want to be a better Christian. I can now share my own testimony.


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