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Time Changes Everything!

"Thinking back to when a new hip joint meant someplace I wanted to go on Friday night." I thought this was funny, probably because there is some truth to it. As we get older things take on new meanings for us.

I can look at so many things - Hhndsight really is 20/20! Turbulence is only temporary. If I had remembered that I could've enjoyed the ride and I may not have been so upset.

The older we get the more change we see. It may be us or it may be a parent. Life is constantly changing and it can be hard and painful! Relationships change. Jobs change.

Our bodies change and we change. Can we just agree that life is change. The older I get the more I realize that change is a constant thing in my life, whether good or bad. Change reminds us that life is fragile and temporary.

We can count on one thing to remain the same and that is God. Malachi 3: 6, "I the Lord do not change." Psalm 102: 27, "But you remain the same, and your years will never end." No matter what season we are in there will be changes beyond our control. We can rest in God's arms knowing that He is in control! Nothing that we will go through will surprise God. We can trust Him to carry us through these changes. If God has allowed a change in your life, look for the blessings as we draw closer to Him and to His Word. He wants to be your refuge, your comfort and your strength. Knowing Whose we are will change everything! Thanks be to God!


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