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That Is Between You And The Lord

As we celebrate the ladies in our lives this Mother's Day, I am so grateful for my mother. I will always be able to hear my mother say, "That is between you and the Lord." Growing up we did not have a say in whether or not we went to church. If you did not go to church you did not go anywhere. In the summer that meant I could not go to the beach! And in the fall and winter I was too social to sit home! When we were older and did not want to do certain things Mom would say, "well, that is between you and the Lord!" Talk about a guilt trip! It got on my brothers and my nerves so bad so we would pick on her about it. After having teenagers of my own I know how annoying it is to be picked on by your kids! But Mom never stopped saying that.

While that saying will always be in my head it is forever in my heart! As an adult, it has always made me smile but more importantly, it makes me think! Our relationship with God is just that .....just between us and God. No one else. God never rushed me although I know He shook His head when I was not obedient to Him. I know He shook His head as I did not trust Him with every situation. He never rushed me. He just loved me. Like Him, my mother also never gave up on me!

"That is between you and the Lord" reminds me of Romans 14: 22, "So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the one who does not condemn himself by what he approves." Paul has spoken clearly to those Christians with a strong faith. These are those whose conscience allows them to freely enjoy what was once restricted for God's people in the law of Moses (meats). If we cannot partake in good conscience - even though they are free in Christ to do so - we should not do so. This violates our conviction and is sin. It is also wrong for strong-faith Christians to tempt weaker-faith Christians.

We are to exercise our personal convictions which means listening to our conscience. When we do this, we are living in faith and God is pleased. We are blessed to live in freedom in His presence. In the same way, if we have misgivings or an uneasy conscience about the things we do, we are not acting out in faith and so this is in condemnation before God. If we are not true to our convictions we bring judgment on our self. If our conscience condemns us we will be aware of our sin. This awareness will keep us from having the confidence we need to approach God in faith. It is better not to do those things that go against our convictions, even if others are doing it. I wonder how many times I did not do something because of Mom saying, "that is between you and the Lord?"

Mom has always encouraged me through her actions to open up my heart to God and let Him change me to be more like Him. Recently, I saw some cards that Mom had sent Mike and I in the last few years. Most of them said, 'I'm thankful for the time you have for me! It is a blessing..." By spending time with Mom we gain wisdom from her. She is the greatest example of a prayer warrior that I know. I also never remember a time in my life that she did not have daily devotions. She has always been learning and growing in her relationship with God!

Often times, looking at my life, you would think spending time with a friend seems more valuable than sacred moments with God who unconditionally adores me! I am so thankful for God's abundant grace in my lack of time spent with Him. I am committed to trying and make that deeper connection with Him every morning, even if it is one verse. As soon as we wake up we have a to do list: stretches, coffee (water for me), the dog, breakfast, social media, email, calendar, etc. Where does God fit in the list? Repeatedly allowing those other distractions can transform them into idols! Idols are those things that stand between God and us. I am so grateful for His infinite mercy that let's me start over each day! So, where does God fit in? That is between you and the Lord!

I am grateful for what used to be an annoying thorn in my side because now I understand it and it was great food for thought. Momma knows best! Happy Mothers day to all the ladies in our lives whether they birthed us or not! You are special!


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