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Sisters or Brothers In Christ

I had felt God’s nudge to start a women’s study. At the same time, I was leading another in depth Bible study. We use the Upper Room and it brings much discussion with little homework. When asked the age group of this study I laughed - 30-85! That is the best part! We are all in different seasons and at different places in our spiritual journey but we are all sisters in Christ. We pray for each other and encourage each other. We have shed tears but the laughter is much! Proverbs 17: 22, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Here are my sisters thoughts:

“I joined to study God’s word and fellowship with fellow believers. Helps keep me on track with a daily quiet time. The daily scriptures help focus your thoughts and guide your prayers. It helps you meet God right where you are. The best part of this study is the discussion and how it relates to everyone. It impacts everyone differently depending on life circumstances. The best part of the group is that we are all different ages, married, not married, widowed, Grandmothers and Moms but all thirst to learn more about God. We share our experiences and how God is working in our lives. We share laughter of what our crazy week may have been. We pray for one another and then share with the group as prayers are being answered. I love each of these ladies. I will take away their love for Christ and one another. Just when you think you are alone in a certain situation someone shares how God has worked it out for them.”

“I joined because I felt like I wanted to have a time to discuss and listen to others about their faith. I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn from other’s. I really like the study because it helps you to see your faith in real world examples and challenges you to put your faith into action. The best part of the study is that it is based on people’s real world experiences and we share ours. The best part about the group is the laughter. Sometimes there are emotional topics but I feel like we lift each other up and laugh more than not. I’m going to take away encouragement! I feel so much encouragement to be the best me (the person God made me to be) and to work towards that!”

“I joined this Bible study because I need to stay in the Word. This group has been such a blessing to me. We have all ages represented and have had many varied life experiences. But by sharing we learn from others and realize we are not alone. The questions helped us to think about our own life experiences and examine how we responded. We have become a community of believers who love Jesus and feel comfortable in sharing with our sisters in Christ.”

“My first thoughts about our group is the realness and honesty of the women. I love the age difference that brings different perspectives to our discussions! God has worked in my life through this group so many times, like bringing me to a relationship with my daughter in law that was non existent, getting me through anxiety that was crippling and just learning and being challenged to walk better with my Lord! It has filled a void in me that is now filled with joy! I truly love this group so much!”

“I have really enjoyed the discussion and the fellowships and making new friends. I also like hearing interpretations of the Bible which I don’t know much about."

“The first thing that comes to my mind is the many different ages to get thoughts from each other. The younger are a bright light! We come from different backgrounds so we can learn from each other. I also like the small size of the group. I am glad to have made more friends.”

“I love our group because of the relationships that are formed and will last. The more we meet, the stronger the bonds between each other.”

One lady attends another church in town. She said, “this group of ladies welcomed me with open arms. Matthew 25:35, ‘For I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in.’ The last few Wednesdays have been this Bible verse to me. The study itself, fed me the Word and quenched my thirst for knowing more about Jesus! After being out of church due to the pandemic, I needed to feel the love of Christ and His presence! This Bible study gave me what I needed. I am a member of a wonderful church, this study has given me knowledge to share with my church family.”

Getting together with other believers is a great blessing that holds you accountable and helps you grow in your faith journey.


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