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Ridiculous, Awesomely Ridiculous!

I wanted to meet with Bob because the one thing I heard him say over and over was that the way the new members were serving at church was “ridiculous, awesomely ridiculous!!” Apparently some of our new members are jumping right in ready to serve. Every Wednesday night and the other Sunday they asked how they could help. He had a few new men who took down tables. What usually takes Bob a long time was cut into less than half the time. Their wives began wiping down tables and putting things away. What normally took our kitchen crew a long time was now done in record time. This has been a treat that Bob cannot stop talking about.

As I think of these members, I love how they showed up and plugged in. This is how you get involved. If you want to “be a part of” and make new friends and enjoy fellowship then get involved. You are needed all over church campuses. I spoke with one of those new members who is helping Bob. He said it is so rewarding to see how much it means to Bob and the kitchen crew. It has been rewarding getting to know them. He said it inspires him to do more knowing what a huge help his little bit of work is. He said they have met new friends, enjoyed the fellowship and “the food ain’t bad either!” .He feels like “a little bit of work has gone a long way. Every little bit helps - it’s all a team effort.”

My husband and I were at the ministry fair and we enjoyed the great lunch, meeting new friends, fellowship with old friends, meeting people and learning the different ministries in the church. It was such a nice time. On the way home, Mike said, “our church spoils us.” I think he is right. We are taken care of in so many ways! How can we give back? How can we make it possible for our church to continue spoiling us? Bring your time, energy and money to the storehouse!

God has a place for you. He molded us for His purpose. We are created in His image and equipped for His work. If you do not feel equipped, remember to rely on God’s strength. Isaiah 64: 8, “We are the clay, and you are our potter. All of us are the work of your hand.” We are filling out our commitment cards and hopefully, you have been praying about ways you can serve. This is a great way to “give back”. It does not matter what you do but remember 1 Corinthians 10: 31, “Whatever you do, do for the Glory of God!”

If you have not, get plugged in at your church. As you bless you will be blessed.

What would your church be like if everyone served like you serve every month?


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