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Presents or Presence

When Ivey was two she would say Santa Claus was her boyfriend. That is until we saw him in person! By Christmas we had to leave strict instructions on the front door for him not to come in but leave the things on the front porch. The next morning Santa had left Ivey a note on her floor in her room with some extra candy just so she would know she had nothing to be scared of. He always mentioned her daddy's snoring and that always cracked Ivey and Sarah up! He always had the nicest, most flattering things to say about me! Ivey was so proud he had come in and she slept right through it. From then on Ivey did not mind Santa coming in our house.

As we anticipate Christmas day let's focus on Jesus' presence as our present. The gifts under our tree can remind us of the Ultimate Gift. Jesus Christ! When we unwrap this gift, we find it has a lifetime guarantee of faithfulness and love! This gift will never break or wear out, for it comes with a lifetime guarantee - both this life and the one to come! For all eternity. Jesus is like the gift that keeps on giving.

We are given peace, access to God, faith, grace, hope, perseverance, love of God and the Holy Spirit, deliverance from wrath, salvation and rejoicing! When we look at all of the gifts under our tree let's focus on Jesus as the ultimate gift! This costly Gift is ours; free for the taking. The gift of Christ will bring endless joy and satisfaction. Every day, every moment, will be a gift, new and exciting and full of joy and love!

Have we taken the opportunity to receive this gift? It cannot be ours unless we receive it! Christmas is a great time to open this gift! Have we received these gifts and put them on the shelf by failing to spend time with God and study His Word?

The beauty of Christmas is not in the presents but in His presence!


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