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Prayer And Peace

Recently my church received a letter from Michigan wanting to thank our prayer teams and share the great work of the power of prayer. I was reminded of what my pastor tells us, "what the enemy meant for harm, God brings for good". So many people are looking at how prayers are being answered during this time. The enemy may have meant to diminish the church but the church is flourishing and being very effective! Not just in Wilmington but all around. Not just when the doors are open but even during this time of social distancing. Thanks be to God!

“And then we had the flood. In a 90-minute period, two dams failed; pouring two lakes

through mid-Michigan. Two separate home evacuations with door-knock sweeps were done; as well as evacuations at several nursing homes and senior living complexes.

One of the temporary safe shelters had to be relocated as it flooded also. Within four

hours and with supernatural coordination, all evacuations were accomplished.

Even the emergency room at the hospital had to be evacuated. Flood waters and sewage

(wastewater pump stations failed) got into the basement, the 911 dispatch center, one of

the EMS garages, the behavioral health unit, several clinics, and maintenance/service


While our local first responders were occupied completing the safe evacuation of the

emergency room and at-risk hospital patients, ambulances from adjacent communities

outside the flood area were parked at our hospital ready to assist with emergencies in our

community. Neighbors helping neighbors.

I write this to let you know, through the events that night there was peace. The

emergency action plan worked: first responders (State Police, local police, sheriff

department, fire department) with their staff and volunteers managed the evacuations.

When another smaller dirt levee failed, the emergency alert went out to any remaining

volunteers to help walk all those people out safely. Throughout it all, there was zero loss of life! Thanks be to God!

Everyone found temporary shelter. Local restaurants brought in food. Volunteers

brought in supplies. None went to waste. It was all efficiently re-distributed. Volunteers

and off duty staff worked the shelters and disaster areas. The main emergency shelter

closed after four days as everyone was found safe shelter.

The cleanup began as soon as the waters receded and the initial road and bridge safety

assessment was done. Washed-out bridges were prioritized for temporary replacement to

allow residents back into those areas. Sheriff deputies patrolled to prevent looting. A

checkpoint was set up to allow only homeowners and authorized volunteers to access the

flood-damaged areas.

Many, many homes are washed off their foundations and covered in contaminated mud.

Several towns have main street buildings and businesses that are in condemned condition.

These businesses were the lifeblood and work of their communities. Volunteers from all over the state, as well as Samaritan's Purse, Cajun Navy, Mennonites from Pennsylvania, the National Guard, American Red Cross, and Salvation Army stepped up.

Praise the Lord! People knew they were being prayed for. People knew they were being

cared for and, in the midst of it all, they could feel the peace of God, even if they didn’t

know that’s what it was and they called it community spirit. It was an amazing outpouring of love and care! Thank you again. I am coming to appreciate the power of intercessory prayer and I thank you for your prayer teams. In Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.”

This is another reminder of the power of prayer and how important it is to pray for others. Look at the witness this made many miles away! God is so good! Some times all it takes is one prayer to change everything!


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