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Pain To Gain 4/5

Things started rolling after that prayer at the Altar! At first I could not speak it out loud because I was too scared. I had people come tell me things that I knew were from God. I confided in a friend what I thought God was calling me to do and she didn't act shocked at all. I told her what all I couldn't do and she would say, "I can do that." I asked a mentor to ask God to give me signs about this calling. After he quit crying, he told me he couldn't. He said, "You and I, both, know you have been called. I am praying for your submission." He also told me that if it is of God, you will not have to jump or jerk, it will all fall into place!

God brought to mind one of the ladies that I was asked to contact as soon as she was diagnosed with cancer. She has a huge impact on this decision. I wrote a blog about her. I didn't know if she was a Christian but I would call her and pray before treatments. I cried with her and I always told her to look for the blessings because they were there. After all of her treatment we finally got to meet - she lives three hours away. She said when we met she was spiritually dead but after her journey she was spiritually alive and wanting to help others. She was thankful for the journey and could see how it blessed her family. Lamentations 3: 25-26, “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him. it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord.” This is why we thank God for the hard times.

God was working on me and I didn't even know it! This was also getting me more comfortable talking about cancer and hearing myself talk about it out loud! How could I not do this for God? I am His daughter and He wants me to use my journey to help others! Ok, God, I will do it but I am counting on You to provide! Be careful what you say because He can bring it!! And He has!

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04 sept. 2023

You are the best thank you so far for your support for ma and my Daughtet

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