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Overwhelmed & Overloaded

I am sure I am not the only one feeling overwhelmed and overloaded today! When I was sick I was told it was time to start "listening to my body" and after ten years I am pretty good at that. I usually feel "off" a few days before I show any symptoms. I begin to do natural things, rest and get fresh air and most of the time I do not get sick!

Because of our moves, I could not physically slow down and I kept pushing through some hurtful times. I was spiritually "off" but continued to push through. I finally told God I was so overwhelmed and weepy that I could not write. I told Him if He wanted me to write anything He had to give me the words for next week! He showed me I needed to spend next week healing my heart and He would do my writing! He knows I want to be writing for my first Hope In Him conference but not yet. Back in November, His perfect timing, our family vacation was scheduled for next week. I will be sitting by salt water for seven days - my happy place where I love to write. What better place to rest in Him?!

He also reminded me that it is time to be still and know that He is God. Sometimes that stings - the realization that I forget He is GOD! I know He is God but I do forget that He is GOD! The Creator of the universe and with Him nothing is impossible! He can take care of all that is going on! I was trying to take care of my physical body but neglecting my spiritual health. When we take care of our spiritual health it can bring healing physically, emotionally and mentally! The healing begins when I am still, KNOWING, TRUSTING and BELIEVING that HE IS GOD! God has given me the words for next week's blog so that I can be still, know, trust and believe that He is God. I am sure at the right time He will give me His words for His ministry. Psalm 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God." I hope next weeks blogs bring you refreshment in Him!


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