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Maybe This Is God's Megaphone

There is a lot of speculation about what is going on in our world right now with all of the natural disasters and catastrophes. Some people are fearing the end of times. When I was little I would get so scared thinking about that. One day I finally realized that no one can tell you that. Even Jesus does not know the time! Matthew 24: 36, "But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only."

People are talking about the locusts, the fires and now a pandemic. According to BBC, "Hundreds of billions of locusts are swarming through parts of East Africa and South Asia in the worst infestation for a quarter of a century, threatening crops and livelihoods....The insects, which eat their own body weight in food every day, are breeding so fast numbers could grow four hundredfold by June." Another article states, "record-breaking temperatures and months of severe drought have fueled a series of massive brush fires across Australia. Although recent cooler conditions and rain have brought some respite, more than 50 fires are still burning in the states of New South Wales and Victoria." And now the pandemic, Corona virus.

I see this Scripture quoted. 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14, "When I shut up heaven and there is no rain, or command the locusts to devour the land, or send pestilence among My people, if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." I think this is pretty simple....we are to pray. We need to call out to God, for He is the only one in control. We need to humble ourselves which means we need to bow down to Him acknowledging that He is above us! He is the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Our Savior! We are to repent and ask His forgiveness before we even begin to think of asking Him to heal our land. We have removed God from our lives. We have removed prayer from our schools. Bible stories are being taken out of some churches! We no longer believe in God's Word, even churches are turning from Scripture. And we wonder what is happening to our world? We have cut God out. No matter what the cause of this, God can use this. And for His children, He will use it for good. Romans 8: 28, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Maybe this is God's megaphone - trying to get our attention.

I have heard that the nation that fears God will be blessed by God; the nation that turns away from God will be judged by God. I believe this. We have become so secular as a nation that we no longer consider God in how we live our lives. I am not a theologian. I do not know what all of this means but I do know that God must be very disappointed in us. I believe our nation and our world needs a revival - a great awakening. I believe it is our duty to be praying for this revival to fall upon our land. Only then does Scripture tell us that our land will be healed. When we pray we are acknowledging a relationship between God, the Creator, and us. We are told to "seek my face". Not His hand for another hand out but His face so we can remember Who He is! When we "turn from our evil ways" it shows we know we were going in the wrong direction.

I believe God is using this time to get our attention. He will teach us so many lessons during this time. We are reminded of the uncertainties in life. I think we will all reprioritize our lives. He can use this time to turn hearts towards Him. No matter how strong and successful someone is, that is not protecting them now. Everyone can lose everything in a moment - not just now but it has always been that way. Isaiah wrote in Isaiah 38: 17, "Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction;

you have put all my sins behind your back." Think of all of the souls saved during these times of trouble when people are stopped, scared and desperate. They realize that they cannot do this alone. They need hope and for the first time they look up. Yes, that is worth our suffering during this time. Give God thanks for how He will use this season!

Through the years I have seen Billy Graham answer the questions about the end of times and all the things going on in the world. "Graham said, 'These are some of the Biblical signs before Christ's return. Nobody knows the day or hour, not even the Son of God, but it is a reminder to all of us to be ready to repent and confess our sins, and ask for God's forgiveness. In the meantime, we can find comfort, peace, and hope in Him.'"


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