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May The Holy Ghost Be With You

I am never one to dress up for Halloween as an adult. I think it is fun for those who enjoy that but I am not that creative. I always loved taking my children trick or treating. I love to see families doing things together, especially at church and that is what happened when our church had their annual trunk or treat. Why would a church do a trunk or treat? Because it is an incredible opportunity to share Jesus! It is evangelism.

The following days we were already hearing the stories of unchurched families who brought their baby, their children and/or their youth to the trunk or treat and now they want to visit on a Sunday! There were couples, whose children were grown, who came out and walked around. Lots of treats were given out! It appeared we were connecting hearts to Christ and one another which is our goal!

God, also, has treats for us - not things that are bad for us but a real treat! A free gift and we do not have to do anything! The King of Kings is giving us our royal inheritance, as His children! This is way more than money and is for all eternity! There are many people living life and ignoring the greatest inheritance of all! In the Bible, inheritance is a great example of a good gift: it’s free, given by grace— not earned—a windfall received from God, who loves us ALL. We ALL have the same inheritance to accept! God shows His goodness by giving an inheritance to us, His children.

We should all want to share the Good News of Jesus! We should all want everyone to have the gift of salvation and have God's spirit living inside of them. Are we doing our part?

May the Holy Ghost be with you!


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