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"I Know You Think I'm Crazy But..."

A friend of mine was on her way to work and before she got out of the car she asked God to use her today. She said as soon as she walked through the hospital parking lot she saw a lady crying and knew God was telling her to pray with the lady. She said she did not want to because she did not know the lady or the situation. But she also knew she had to be obedient. As soon as she walked up to the crying lady my friend started crying. She said, "I know you think I'm crazy but God told me to pray with you." I was so taken by the story that I don't remember what the lady said or did. My friend said another person had walked up and they all huddled together and prayed. She left not knowing anything more than when she walked up as far as the lady goes. But she left knowing she was obedient to God. She shared this story in Sunday school and I was blown away because I have a similar story.

A few years ago I was walking through Belk at the mall and had run into a friend from church. Excerpt from my Caring Bridge 12/22/12 "We were chatting and I noticed a lady walk by and glance at us and keep going. We kept talking and I noticed the lady had turned around and was coming up to us. She looked at both of us and smiled. She said, 'don't mind me. I have to take a minute.' After a moment she asked if either of us had a physical illness. I said, 'I do.' She said, 'is it cancer?' I said, 'yes, breast cancer.' She then asked if we were Christians. We said yes. Then she said we would understand when the Lord asks you do something you have to obey. (This was her way of saying, 'I know you think I am crazy but...') We agreed. She then said that as she walked by us earlier God told her that she was walking among cancer. Then He told her to go back to that person. I asked her what He said. She said she didn't know yet. He just told her to come back. You could tell she was not sure if we would think she was crazy or how we would receive her. I felt she was very genuine. Anyway we just stood there blocking traffic in this main aisle of Belk on a Thanksgiving weekend. Finally, she asked me if I would put my hand on her arm. I did. She started praying. She prayed that God would bless me. She praised God over and over. Then she rebuked the cancer in my body in Jesus' name. She prayed that when I go back to the doctor that it will be gone. She thanked Him for healing my body.

I don't have to tell you that I had tears. I realize this would make most uncomfortable but not me. She was not 100% comfortable. She was being obedient and trusted God. Before she left she told me her name was Martha and gave me her card. She asked me to let her know after my next appointment. She said she would be praying. We hugged and said goodbye.

I think this is God letting me know that He is working this in so many ways. Maybe for the others who witnessed what was going on. Maybe for life lessons for Martha and I. Maybe he wanted me to know that He was thinking about me and urging others to pray for my healing. Maybe He was showing me what He expects me to do - to be quiet and listen. then go and witness. In closing, George Herbert, "Thou that has given so much to me, Give one thing more -- a grateful heart: Not thankful when it pleases me. As if Thy blessings had spare days; But such a heart whose pulse may be They praise!"

Prior to that I had been out of town with Mike about six weeks before and was on the treadmill - bald. I met a couple who prayed with me. Excerpt from Caring Bridge 10/8/12 "The husband prayed like I had never heard. His wife and i were bawling! He bound that cancer from the rest of my body and he prayed by the blood of Jesus for my healing. I will just say this.... Something happened during that prayer. I do not know what. But I believe I was healed of something. And I claim it. I asked God to give me a sign. When I left the fitness center an older gentleman (the bellman) stopped me. He said he knew something about me. I asked him what. He said, 'well, I know you are tired. I know you have your head shaved like you are sick.' I told him my diagnosis and told him that I was fine, just tired from working out. He kept asking questions. The he kept saying that he does not talk to guests like this. He told me that I am going to be ok. I said well maybe you are an answered prayer for me. He would just look at me. I do not feel he was a believer. He kept saying that he does not talk to guest like this. When I finally told him that I would be fine that I just need prayers, he hugged me. I told him that I would see him tomorrow. He said, no I would not see him anymore. He looked me in the eyes and said, 'I will never ever forget you.' Wow!"

I have had to approach someone because God told me to. It was so hard because you think you are going to be rejected. But we have to trust God. I have been on both sides and it is awesome for someone to come to you on behalf of God. He loves us so much and needs us all to encourage each other. Look at how many people have been touched by these situations. Lots read my Caring Bridge and now I am blogging about it. These gifts keep on giving!

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Aug 24, 2018

Wow, what a testimony and a blessing Jill, thanks :)

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