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Honey's Hallelujahs

One thing I am so thankful for is how my mom, Honey, finds the good, no matter her circumstances. Recently she was sharing her feelings with me about church. She was overcome with gratefulness and said although our church is big it feels like a little country church. Because of the friendliness and how people care. She gave me several examples including when she had surgery, receiving cards, calls and visits from her church family. Her Sunday school always checked on her and most importantly, prayed for her. When you have people that pray for you on a regular basis, text you periodically and truly care about you, it’s hard not to be grateful. That gratefulness outshines the challenges. As a 35 plus year prayer warrior and prayer team card writer, she was so humbled to receive cards from friends and those who did not even know her.

We were talking about our small group. Our small group keeps up with each other and prays for each other. One week, when meeting in person, two of our new members had birthdays so another new member brought balloons and a small gift to them. We were all blown away. When you’re part of a small group, people know your name, care about you, and want to support you. I have seen our small group support each other through trials of all kinds including relationships, grief, surgeries, jobs, etc. Some people in our church live hundreds of miles from their families or have no families at all. Being in a small group, whether at your church or a group of friends, gives you that same loyalty and sup[port that a family would give.

Recently, Mom and I arrived for a scheduled visit to my uncle, about an hour away, but due to a health crisis we were unable to visit with him. At the same time a friend from church, who lives in that same area, was texting us. Isn’t it cool how God orchestrates things?! When we told her what had just happened she said for us to stop by, she lived very close, and they wanted to pray with us. We drove to their house and blew the horn, as she instructed, since Honey could not get out. They came to the car and we all had prayer. This friend had prayer concerns also so we were able to pray for them also. “Where two or more are gathered” was so true! You could feel God’s presence as we all lifted our loved ones in prayer. Matthew 18: 20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

Later I heard Honey talking about Pastor Tim and she told her friend that “Tim is precious”. I laughed knowing I couldn't wait to tell his wife! But Honey was serious. I don’t think I have ever heard her say that about my brothers or I! Thankfully, we are all precious in His sight! Thankfully, we learned from a childhood song that we are all precious in His sight! Isaiah 43: 4, “Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you…”

Think for a moment about diamonds. They are one of the most precious items in creation. They are rare, beautiful and highly prized. But they are nothing compared to how God values us. But the most precious diamond, we’re told, is the Koh-i-Noor, now part of the British Crown Jewels collection. Experts say this gem cannot be valued — it’s calculated to be approximately 3.5 times the wealth of the whole world! God has formed many diamonds. But He made only one you and one me. We are unique. We are unlike anyone else who has ever lived or ever will live. He made us for the plans He has for us. We are so precious to God that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to this earth to die so you and I wouldn’t have to die because of the way we have messed up our lives with sin.

We are all so blessed to have Christian friends in our life! There is no better support! Remember, you are precious in His sight! (Whether your Mom tells you or not!)


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