• Jill Jarrell Newsome

Gully Washers

I have to say as I am on the fifth day of rain, I am over the rain. I have thought of my Granny so much in the last few days. When it thundered the other day, I knew she would have gathered her children and they would all get in the bed til the storm passed. When we had heavy rain falls my Granny would call them gully washers! Some people say downpours.

I love when it rains at night and I can sleep through it. There is nothing better than to hear the rain, pull up the covers and go back to sleep to the soothing sound! And I love to sit on the porch and watch rain and/or thunderstorms. But I have had enough of that now. I am ready to go outside and see how beautiful my backyard looks after God watering it! He does the best job!! So this week I have been thinking a lot about rain and gully washers. There is something about that water!

A gully washer is like a large ditch or small valley, usually along a hillside. It is created by running water that erodes the soil. It helps move water from the higher elevations to lower elevations. As it takes away soil, it makes the gully deeper and wider. Isn't that a lot like Living Water?

John 7: 38, "Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." I think about a river and how persistent it is. It overcomes barriers, sometimes after being "stuck" for a while. Eventually it will either make a path around or the obstacle will be removed. Sometimes a river disappears for miles and then all of a sudden it reappears bigger and grander than before! This is the same with the Living Water in our lives. It is like a river flowing inside of us. How many times have I fallen off track and later come back better? How many times have I had obstacles in my life that had me "stuck" for a while? When I rerouted, God's way, or God removed the obstacle, I was better off!

I think there is a reason I am so drawn to water. I learned to swim in the ocean at three and I loved staying in the water. As a little girl we played in the ditch. That sounds weird now, but we caught tad poles, turtles and got our ingredients for mud pies! I remember playing in the rain. We lived on a pond where I could watch ducks, til all the building brought alligators. Mike and I lived on a pond where I enjoyed watching the turtles sun and the geese skid to a landing. We lived on the intracosastal waterway where I loved to watch the tides, waves, dolphins and especially loved to swim in it. Water, moving water, there is just something peaceful about it.

The best moving water is Living Water which will never dry up! Only the living water is able to satisfy our spiritual thirst, for now and for all eternity. Jesus uses the circumstances of our lives to offer His cleansing, His reviving, His filling and His healing to us. I pray that during this time of unrest that God will put an insatiable thirst in me and every believer for the Living Water. I pray His rivers of Living Water in us will overflow from us into the lives of unsaved people we know. Soon they will be thirsty to receive eternal life. Join me in praying for the Living Waters to be gully washers flowing from God's people!


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