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Cliff Hangers

“When you realize that 1970 and 2022 are as far apart as 1970 and 1918…..I’m just going to need a minute….” Time sure does fly! Pastor Andy Lambert shared how life is short and time is brief. He reminded us how we all love cliffhangers - not knowing what is going to happen next. Isn’t the hero supposed to show up? There was a lot of laughter when he asked, “who shot J.R.?”

He recited a poem called, “Along came Jones”. He told us to get ready for a man on a horse to come galloping in. Several times he told us to get ready for Jones to come in on a horse. He watched all the doors. Jones never came. We were all laughing but in true Andy fashion, he said, Why hasn’t God shown up yet? We’ve been waiting 2000 years! He brought us from laughter to reflection in seconds.

Isn’t that how the early church was? They were waiting for Jesus. Matthew 24: 36, “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Christians may have made mistakes about when Jesus is coming. I have heard it predicted many times throughout my life. But make no mistakes that it is not a mistake to be ready for Jesus Christ to return. The God who began this universe has a plan to end it all. He writes history because it’s His story! While we’re waiting on Him to return He is waiting for us to share the gospel! We need to be ready for Jesus out of gratitude for what He has done for us!

Pastor Andy said he wished he had preached this more over his 30+ years but he is trying to preach it now. I say we all need to live and share this! Life is short and time is brief. Either He is coming to meet you or you are going to meet Him. God is giving you today to be a blessing, to forgive and make reconciliations.

Despite the chaos in this world and in your life, God is still on the Throne and things are going to be ok.


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