• Jill Jarrell Newsome


Last night after sending out emails I went to bed. I don't think I slept two hours. Every time I woke up I thought about writing something. I wrote in my head all night! It was like I was nervous about this new adventure. Then I remembered, years ago, when I was nervous about speaking what a minister told me. He said not to confuse nerves with the Holy Spirit. He said the Holy Spirit gets excited about what you are doing when it is out of your comfort zone and you are doing it for God. So I guess the Holy Spirit and I were excited last night and wanted to celebrate!

This morning my cousin called and said that she did not want to post this for the world to see but she was shocked at how "professional" the blog looked. All I could do was laugh! Me too! Mike always says, "call the man." He had told me he could call someone and they would build the site for me. I was going to call the man but my brother said he thought I should do it so I would understand how the blog works. Ugh! Frustrated I would be ready to give up and then I would bump into another reason not to! For instance, one night at Bible Study someone said if you want something God may not hand it to you but He will empower you to accomplish it! So I would trudge on. After tears, prayers and frustrations, I finally started saying, "I trust you, God! If this is what You want me to do then You have to really help me understand the computer part. I finally called the right man.....God!

I know many of you are saying, what is the big deal? All of it! I did not know what a SEO page, CRM, domain, dashboard, etc was. But God led me through every bit. I did call my brother, before I put my credit card info in, to make sure I did have to pay for a domain name. Now I agree that is funny but I did not know starting out! I just wanted to write not build a site. But now I am grateful that I hung in there. No one else would have taken so much time to find all of the water pictures!!!

Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." I would have never believed I could build a blog site but He strengthened me. How many times do we hold back on our dreams because we do not think we can accomplish it? Call THE man!


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