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I have had one of those days. You know what I am talking about. The kind that gets the best of you and you wish you had pulled the covers over your face and not gotten up! Mom and I took my uncle to the VA hospital two hours away for an appointment. Mom had warned me about how this would go. She was right.

After asking about 5 employees and going to three floors finally someone decided to look on the computer to see where our appointment was. She was happy to help which was a welcome change but her computer did not work. So we went to another office where she found out we had been sent to the wrong site. We needed to be 30 minutes across town and it was now time for our appointment. So we drove through more rain and finally arrived at our destination. We now had to find out where the appointment was here. After walking miles we got to the correct place. My uncle was called back and was finished within 5 minutes! That was it! I was so irritated. I was out of patience! I let the VA steal my joy!

When I got in the car I thought, "Jill, this silly! What has been so bad other than being inconvenienced. You all have your health and are able to come this far. You have a car and the money to put gas in it to come to this appointment. You laughed at old stories on the way here. When you are old you will want someone to haul you around and not be ill!" So I changed my attitude. We went to ChicFilA which my uncle (84) had never been to and he thought the grilled chicken sandwich was worth the trip. He even got one to take home for his supper. You just don't know what a character he is!

When I got home I was still aggravated at myself for being so ill earlier. I just felt restless and then it came to me. Psalm 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God;" Psalm 46:1, "God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble." Why is it so hard to be still/ Even if you can get your body to be still it is hard to quieten the mind! Thoughts are raging like the storm that Jesus had to calm and He yelled out, "peace, be still." This same way we need to shut our thoughts up!

I read that we have upwards of 50,000 thoughts a day! Obviously we need to quieten the storm every day. Being still takes practice. We have to learn to be still. And in doing this we have to let go of our concerns. And the second part is "and know that I am God." We need to sit and think on the fact that He is God. He is the Almighty Savior. We need to remember who He is and what He can do! God is still in His heaven and His good and perfect will is certain to prevail! Be still and know that HE is GOD!

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