• Jill Jarrell Newsome

Are You Prepared To Be A Witness?

About 15 years ago my brother was coming into Wilmington from Southport. He was stopped at a gas station when he heard a loud bang. An 18 wheeler looked like he was trying to make a U turn when a pick up truck hit him without ever hitting his brakes. It was gray and hazy outside and the tank on the back of the truck was gray. Obviously the man never saw the truck.

My brother ran out to the pick up truck and could lean in through the passenger window. It was obvious the man was in bad shape from the waist down. He was able to tell my brother his name when asked. My brother held his hand and asked if he had family. The man came in and out of consciousness. At one point the man took what seemed like his last breath and slumped down. All of a sudden he took a deep breath and was back. Never did the man seem to be in pain. (Remember we are wonderfully made!) What peace this would bring to his family. The man was pronounced dead in the ambulance.

I do not believe anyone should die alone. I think the greatest gift my brother could give this man (and his family) was his presence. He also comforted the man. My brother was so shook up. The man was about my dads age and my brother said he could not wait to go home and see Dad. I remember thinking what would I do if I had come up on that accident?

Today my brother and I talked about this accident. I told him how it had impacted my life years ago. I wanted to make sure I could tell someone how to get to Heaven! My brother has grown in his relationship with God since that time. Today I think we would comfort this man with prayer. Sharing the promises of God to provide peace and comfort in 2 Corinthians 5: 8, knowing that those who die in Christ will be absent from the body but will be present with the Lord.

Are you prepared to explain the gospel to others?

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