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Are You Living The Life You Want

I heard a recent devotion by Erwin McManus and I loved it! It was about praying big which is something I do but I find myself not wanting to share those big prayers with others. He nailed it as to why I don't want to share. I don't want people to say, "you prayed for that? Who do you think you are?" What I should proudly say is I am a child of God. I am a child of the Creator of the Universe Who can do anything!!! I heard someone else say they do not pray big prayers because they feel if they are not answered, in the way or timing that they expect, that they may doubt God's faithfulness or existence.

What is your vision? What is your passion? What do you want? If you do not tell these things to God then don't get mad at God when you don't get them! He is the Creator of this universe - we can ask for big things! Maybe it is easier to ask for little things because, really, we can make them come true. God is bigger than our biggest doubts. God is bigger than our biggest dreams. God is bigger than our biggest fears. God is bigger than our biggest challenges. God does not need us protecting him from big prayers! We don't want to ask for more than we should or more than we deserve. Why? We don't deserve any of it! It is about our faith, not what we deserve!

Rev McManus said if you are praying big prayers and people are not rebuking you and saying, "who do you think you are" then your prayers are too small! God hears our prayers. He will honor our faith. "We pray prayers that reveal our lack of faith in Jesus!" We can't let our flesh and insecurities limit how we pray in boldness. How big is your Jesus? He wants us to ask for something bigger than us so He can show up and show off!

Are you living the life you want or are you living the life you got?


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