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Are You A Leader Or Follower

I think if we are honest we know there are times we have used Jesus as an emergency contact and then when things were fine we went back to our life. You know, the one where we think we are in control and Jesus is not a priority.

Jesus had died and Peter had not seen Him in a while so he went on with his life. Back to his old ways, fishing, which was what he did before Jesus came into his life. In verse 3, Peter says, "“I’m going out to fish..." Immediately his buddies said, "We’ll go with you." Doesn't sound like he had to twist their arm. Maybe he was the leader and had the gift of persuasion but he didn't ask them, they just followed him. How many times have we been the leader but not led someone in the right direction?

As children of God, we are not just responsible for us but for our neighbors. How about with our parenting or grandparenting? Our actions speak louder than words. 1 Corinthians 11: 1, "Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ." A godly leader leads by example.

I love this example I found about leading others. " a string on a table. When you pull the string, it will follow you. But if you push it, it bunches up and doesn’t move forward well. When it comes to leading people, things go much the same way. They need to follow a person who is out front and leading by example."


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