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Are Things Bad Right Now

"A daughter is telling her mother how everything is going wrong. She's failing algebra, her boyfriend broke up with her and her best friend is moving away. Meanwhile, her mother is baking a cake and asks her daughter if she would like a snack. The daughter says, 'absolutely Mom, I love your cake.' 'Here have some cooking oil,' her mother offers. 'Yuck' says her daughter. 'How about a couple raw eggs?' 'Gross, Mom!' 'Would you like some flour then? Or maybe baking soda?' "Mom, those are all yucky!' To which the mother replies, 'Yes, all those things seem bad all by themselves but when they are put together in the right way, they make a wonderfully delicious cake!'"

Things may be hard or bad right now. We don't like this and we are not thankful. But God can use it for good for His children. I know what its like to have little money. I know what it's like to be mistreated. I know what it is like to not know if you will survive your diagnosis. Because of that I have compassion for people going through those things. I have to change my mind from not liking the situation to saying, "God, use me while I am here is this situation." Joyce Meyer says the only time we are growing spiritually is when we do what's right when it feels wrong. If it is easy to do that then we have already grown in that area.

If you feel depressed, stop and think about your thoughts. We cannot change them by ourselves. We have to ask God, sometimes hourly, to help us and He will. Romans 8: 5, "Those who live according to the flesh have their minds set on what the flesh desires; but those who live in accordance with the Spirit have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."

In the Bible we are referred to as soldiers in God's army. That is because we are in a war! A spiritual war.

Hope your day is a piece of cake!


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