• Jill Jarrell Newsome

Answered Prayers and So Much More

I have a friend going through a very tough time. Yesterday I visited her at the hospital as she is receiving two different chemotherapies for a set number of hours. It is important to stay "on schedule" so that she can have her Neulesta shot on Friday. This shot stimulates the growth of white blood cells and decreases the incidence of infection and it helps you "bounce back". After such a strong chemo this shot is very important. Also, if you don't keep your blood count up you may not be able to have the next round of chemo. For lots of reasons you want to stay on schedule!

Between the nurses and team that accessed the ports, six hours had passed with no luck in starting the chemo. She was ready to cry. She had wasted most of the day! In the midst of the negativity we talked about how my friend has seen many major miracles since March! She continues to have faith and hope which I think helps her prognosis! She knows she is not just a statistic to God. As smart as her doctors may be God knows her the best! Her trust is in God! She also knows that she is a walking testimony to many who see the miracles and she is thankful for that.

They came in and said they were taking her to radiology and see what the problem was with her port. We prayed about her concern of staying on schedule (you cannot get the Neulesta shot on the weekend) and she was very concerned about infection. I left and she texted me that she would have to have surgery this morning to take the port out and put in a new one. I cannot imagine how frustrated she was knowing the finish line was moving farther away! My heart broke for her!

I prayed last night, during the night and this morning asking God to let her stay on schedule and to not let her deal with any infections and I would trust Him to show off. I do not mean it disrespectfully. I mean that He can do the impossible and I have learned not to put Him in a box. This morning she said she would be going down for surgery about 10. I knew she was very concerned. I continued to pray for her. My heart was so heavy for her!

I finally got a text from her, "They got me prepared for surgery, decided to check the port again, it works!!! God is good and prayers work, waiting on chemo." OMG! I was so excited! God heard our prayers and showed off! He could do better than no infection and staying on schedule! We didn't even think to ask for no surgery!!!!

I was at the beach with Mom and kept thinking about this answered prayer and smiling. When I got home I had this in the mail, "The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their cry. Psalm 34: 15" I could not wait to send this to my friend. We had been heard! She finished her chemo last night and will have her shot tomorrow........on schedule!

God proves Himself faithful beyond belief...AGAIN!!! And AGAIN!!! Why am I so surprised? I love to see answered prayers where He answers them so much better than we could have asked or imagined. That is why I have learned to start telling Him I trust Him with what is best because I cannot come up with a plan as good as His. He showed off yesterday! Thank you, God! My friend read this and gave permission for me to share because as she said, "God gets the glory!"


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